The Village Notes

The society tried to face the problem that they had faced in their previous life outside the society. They thought heartbreak and death was a huge problem in their lives. Even though their decision affected the other people living in the society, that was their way of dealing with that problem head-on. They took action instead of just living through it and suffering in their own way. They wanted to prevent it from ever happening again.


Feminism is really about a woman finding her place in the society. The books I like reading about are when the woman discovers that she has more power then she realizes. The woman is dealing with a huge problem in her life and she uses the things she has dealt with in her past life to "do the thing you think you cannot do."

Act IV Fiery Reading Log from The Crucible

In my Fiery Reading Log for Act IV, I talked about how Abigail discovered all the power she had and used it to her advantage. Abigail, in my opinion, also had a very strong personality and she was a girl who knew what she wanted and how to get there. She completed the impossible. Of course her means were surreptitious, but nevertheless she used her trials to her advantage. She also got away with many things she wouldn't have been able to if she weren't "afflicted by witchcraft."